Emcee Gladys hosting the Q&A session and goodie bag giveaway at the LTA TEL1 Open House

LTA Thompson East Coast Line 1 Open House at Woodlands South Station

11 JANUARY 2020

It was a great honour to announce and host the Open House of our long awaited Thompson East Coast Line 1. It was a long and fruitful day meeting our visitors. The Open House saw over 2000 visitors come and go. Many took part in our carnival games, meet-and-greets, and goodie bag collections, it was an exciting day!

The open house gave us an exciting prelude to the TEL train stations. The architectural features of the stations and Art-in-Transit artwork was impressive. Many travelled from the ends of Singapore just to check out the new facilities and there were so many train enthusiasts down here today! Children with greater knowledge of our trains history than I had showed up and just showed me a whole new side to the talented children of our time. The crowd was so responsive and everyone had so much fun.

Gladys Bay. Last edited May 2020.