Best hosting in Singapore? Client reviews

What do people say?

A very friendly emcee who loves children and is skilled in lightening up the atmosphere of your event! Gladys is also good at engaging with the guests, making sure each of them had a good time with our mascots during the event!
Hui Ting, Eng
Operations supervisor
Gladys is a bilingual emcee. Not only was she friendly, she was also very accommodating. She was able to engage the audience and brought much laughter and joy to the entire event!
Shi Xian, Woon
event executive
Hired Gladys to emcee a race. She had great energy and was good working the crowd. Will definitely recommend her.
Aileen Seet
race planner, district Singapore
Had Gladys at a launch and CNY lunch event. Love hr energy and voice, would love to work with her agin. Also, she is very responsive prior to the event.
Zi Yi, Lim
event executive

What about her clientele?

Why gladys?

She has real skills.

Every event requires a different sort of energy and preparation. To be the best, we have to work our best. With serious dedication to her craft, Gladys’ abilities are polished. She reflects and learns from every event, and makes the next one better.

Be it corporate events, D&Ds, wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, activations, and more, Gladys is your go-to emcee choice. Count on her for some serious dedication and fun to add to your event. If you’re still not sure what she can do, ask her and she’ll get back to you immediately.


Gladys Bay. Last edited May 2020.