Finding the right fit for celebratory events are crucial. Gladys is fun, energetic, and holds her own. Regardless of thee event (e.g. pageants, weddings, festivals), she’s one to count on.

Activations (English)

Activations have targets to meet. Worried? Well, you don’t have to. That’s because competent corporate emcees have them covered. Be it community events, activations or etc., but Gladys aces them all.

Dinners and Dances

At D&Ds, we’re talking games,  lucky draws and performances. While in ballroom events, we have launches, media lunches and others. But Gladys is professional and reliable. She leaves you satisfied.

Activations (Chinese)

Gladys is a favourite among professional emcees in Singapore. She recognises the importance of bilingualism. With a natural flair for Chinese, Gladys hosts with eloquence. This is reliable hosting you can trust.

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Gladys Bay. Last edited May 2020.