Past Events

D&D emceeing in Singapore, launches and more! Find out about the events Gladys has hosted here.

Gladys presenter host emcee singapore

Eagles Fiesta: ORD Lo!


Hosted an ORD celebration with over 700 army boys at Hort Park Singapore. Had the boys shy over volunteering for stage games and then excited for the pranks they could play on their sergeants.

Hosting Volkswagen media lunch

Volkswagen Media Lunch

31 JANUARY 2020

Hosted a cosy lunch reunion with Volkwagen’s media partners at gorgeous The Botanico. Some international VIPs had their first Lou-Hei with us that afternoon.

professional emcee in singapore hosts corporate identity launch for twang was Heng investment

Kwang Wah Heng Investment's Corporate Identity Launch

18 JANUARY 2020

Hosted a corporate identity launch and reunion lunch with the people at Kwang Wah Heng and their partners.


LTA TEL1 Open House

11 JANUARY 2020

Hosted the Open House for LTA’s Thompson East Coast Line 1. The event was greeted with huge enthusiasm from the neighbours and train enthusiasts, meeting great crowds!

Gladys presenter host emcee singapore

Line Friends: Holiday in New York at IMM

18 – 22 DECEMBER 2019

Hosted a Line Friends event organised by IMM, the event garnered huge love and support from shoppers. The meet-and-greet was a crowd favourite!

On stage at Shell Singapore's D&D


10 DECEMBER 2019

Hosted the Dinner and Dance for Shell Retail Singapore. The crowd was such a pleaser and the games kept the night pumping. Energy was until the end of the event!

Gladys presenter host emcee singapore

Lotte Pepero Day 2019

9, 10 NOVEMBER 2019

Hosted Pepero Day 2019, an important event culture brought to Singapore from Korea. The event was well-received with shoppers and even children coming down to celebrate with us!

Interacting with audience at Pokka activation

Pokka Activation

3, 7 NOVEMBER 2019

Hosted the launch of Pokka’s new product the Houjicha drink with shoppers at various supermarkets. It was eventful quizzing them about Pokka’s newest products.

professional emcee in singapore hosting the official buskin flagship store opening at centre point

Bioskin Flagship Store Opening

26 OCTOBER 2019

Hosted the launch of Bioskin’s biggest store in Singapore! It was a private event with about 70 of ¬†their VIPs invited to join in the festivities.

Gladys presenter host emcee singapore

District Race Singapore

20 OCTOBER 2019

It was.a blast hosting District Race Singapore at Gardens By The Bay. With over 2,000 runners joining Singapore’s augmented reality race, it was clearly fun for the participants.

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