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What can Singapore event emcee Gladys do for you?


It’s not a brain teaser but clients do ask for an emcee’s job scope. Emcees ensure a smooth flow of your event and Gladys will do all, if not most, of the legwork (and mouth-work) to ensure that.


Emcees know to have fun and make fun. Gladys has hosted numerous community festivals, sports events, and D&Ds to know games. If you need suggestions, she’s here to help.


Emcees have been around a lot, so has Gladys. Regardless if its for a corporate event, wedding, or D&D, she can recommend something for you. Check in with her if you’re looking for ideas.

Sound systems

An emcee is complemented by her sound system. The event dynamics affect the type of sound set-up needed and its price. Count on Gladys for affordable options and reliable equipment.


Depending on the scale of your event, lights can make or break a budget. Making the best of your budget with quality lighting are always a challenge that Gladys helps her clients with. 

Her story

emcee gladys

Gladys started hosting at the age of 19. Starting with activations, launches and community events, her ability to engage with the audience and high energy impressed her clients. Her organisational tendencies is also a great match as a master of ceremonies, ensuring that events run smoothly without a hitch. 

An events organiser since a young age at school, she is careful with the nitty gritty details. She patiently gets down with her clients and helps with their needs. Be it suggesting alternative games, recommending performers or checking through last minute event changes, she always gives it her best. 

Emcee Gladys making a joke with her partner on stage hosting the Pageant Ball at Concorde Hotel Singapore

She's just a click away

There are many factors to consider when choosing your events emcee. Quotes comparison, services to offer, but most importantly emceeing skills. But you can do your reseaarch early. Contact Gladys with your event details and concerns and she will get back to you immediately. Otherwise, you can also view her show reels and past work before deciding.

Gladys Bay. Last edited May 2020.