A list of commonly asked questions about Singapore hosting and event emcee services in Singapore.

How do emcees in Singapore charge clients?

Every emcee charges differently, but roadshows are commonly charged per hourly rates while other event types go by package rates. Meetings and rehearsals can be chargeable. Professional emcees in Singapore will send you an invoice before the event.


Generally, it can cost between $500 to $2500 for a 4-hour local event. It varies with the event type, job requirements, and the emcee’s experience. Tip: communicate your budget with the emcee and arrange repeat engagements to obtain better rates.

What should I look out for when hiring an emcee?

S H O W R E E L S. Look at how they host and determine if their hosting style suits the tone of your event. Also look at their experience and versatility. An events emcee that is cooperative, contactable, and professional is also critical.

what else can emcees offer to clients?

On top of hosting, some emcees can also provide contacts to performances, set up and equipment. This includes sound system and lighting hook ups as well. Check with your emcee to find out.


Emcees host. They are the face of your event, but also the facilitator, time planner and more. The emcee you choose can make or break an event. Some emcees also provide additional services such as singing, dance, magic shows… 

what are the types of emcees in Singapore?

Most emcees host multiple event types. Wedding emcees, D&D emcees, corporate emcees and gala dinner emcees are just events they have more experience in. When engaging an emcee, consider first their style, experience and image.

how do you pay your emcees?

Professional emcees have clients pay an amount before the event and complete the remaining after. It is a promise to the client that they will be preparing for the event, and assurance to clients that they have secured the emcee. Some opt for full payment after the event.

what is the emcee engagement process?

Contact the emcee with your event details. You will receive a quote pretty soon. Agree on the engagement hours and invoice details and your booking is confirmed! After discussions through calls/meetings, your event is good to go.

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